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2 years ago


Have you ever tried to think about yourself and who you are ... Try it and you will find that everything which you have done till now throughout your life is nothing comparatible to the others who are also working with you side by side, shoulder to shoulder. But you find it difficult to understand it. You also find that whatever there is for you is not actually of you or for you. And then you will find everything which you ever trusted, believed, had faith was nothing but just an illusion. And now you want to correct it before it does anything again (mind) ... Well, its all about the thinking of yours. The mind that the God has created inside you is for some purpose which you find difficult to read because of some unneccesary thinking of your own selfishness ... Well, I call it the dark part of the human mind which is not under your control. You have to just make it under your control. And for which you have to find a way to the purpose given by the God. Take it as an order, suggestion or anything but you are only there to find it out. Everyone have different mind and different purposes and different reasons for which they are made to be a part of human race and to live for their own dignity ... One day you will convert the dark part into a beautiful mind ...